Sustainable Coffee training for a Fresh Generation


Our Approach

This is a cross cultural coffee training program for young people from different backgrounds executed in three phases.

We expect to have trainees from a variety of backgrounds, all with different skill levels. The project aims to help trainees see how and where their skills and personalities  will fit within the coffee industry.

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Program Overview

This is a one of a kind coffee training program where trainees are exposed to very hands on coffee knowledge with the unique privilege of living on a coffee farms in 3 different countries for the period of the training.The program entails 6 modules over a 9 month period.

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After the trainees have completed modules 1-6, the trainees begin a five week focus in either farm management or quality and logistics.

Each trainee’s area of specialization will be determined based on their preferences and skill set

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Post Program and Support

We will work closely with local coffee businesses to help find internship opportunities as well as possible job placements for our graduates after program completion. Trainees will receive guidance in developing their resumes and connecting with potential employers and mentors in relation to developing both industry and entrepreneurship skills where necessary.

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