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Sustainable Coffee Training For a Fresh Generation


Gente Del Futuro is an organization born out of a partnership between African Plantations Kilimanjaro and Vava Coffee Kenya two private sector players within the coffee sector to tackle two of the main problems we face as an industry - Producer profitability and Next generation involvement.

Our focus is to amplify the voices of youth by creating economic empowerment, choices and sustainability for the coffee industry.

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In many producing countries, the average age of coffee farmers is increasing. Youth are not motivated to stay in coffee, they face lack of ownership of land, coffee trees, access to training and finance and benefits derived from coffee. As a result they leave the rural areas looking for employment in towns. Continuation of coffee production by the “next generation” is therefore at stake, and poses a great risk for the coffee sector as a whole.


We believe that through empowering our young people through practical and technical training  we can promote a more inclusive approach to develop better functioning coffee chains and

de -commoditize coffee -  BENEFITING both men and women of different age groups equally and encourage future generations to be a part of the coffee industry.


"This is a very essential and beneficial program and I am glad i attended the training I have learnt quite a lot and hope more young people and others within the coffee sector can get an opportunity to experience this. " 




Our mission is to develop a generation that will secure the future of coffee production in Africa through a sustainable coffee training program.


We aim to give this generation a proper understanding of the main variables involved in the successful production and commercialization of coffee. To do this we have created a training program that will help young people have the confidence to pursue  a promising career within the coffee industry.



"A program like this will certainly encourage more young people on the continent to pursue careers within the coffee sector and this can help us tackle the high rate of unemployment within the region."

irene muthundo- entrepreneur & coffee enthusiast